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Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust
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Preserve productive agricultural land.

The 12,000 acres of prime farmland around Brentwood in East Contra Costa County is one of the largest, most productive farming regions in the Bay Area. However, the region has experienced tremendous development pressure over the past twenty years as the City of Brentwood grew from 7,500 people to 56,000 people. BALT protects farmland from development by entering into volunteer agreements with farmers to keep the land as farmland forever. The agreements, called "conservation easements" provide that the farmers continue to own and farm their land but agree not to subdivide or develop their property in the future. BALT holds conservation easements on nine Brentwood farms, and anticipates completing several additional easements this year.

Are you interested in putting a conservation easement on your property? Please give us a call or send us an email.

Strengthen agricultural enterprise zoning, permitting and policies.

BALT works closely with local governments to develop agricultural enterprise zoning, permitting and policies that allow farmers to develop agricultural tourism, value-added processing and expanded roadside stands. Together with local government and nonprofit partners, BALT is developing innovative local food distribution systems that connect Brentwood farmers with schools, hospitals and their urban neighbors.

Create food connections between farmers and urban neighbors.

With the rich, productive farmland in the east and dense urban populations in the west, the East Bay has the remarkable potential to build a local food system. BALT works with farmers, local governments and community organizations to bring fresh, local food directly from the farms to the cities. BALT co-convenes the Contra Costa Food System Alliance, a collaborative effort that brings together food producers, processors, and distributors; public health advocates; and a broad range of community leaders to explore ways to work together to create a food system that better meets the needs of both consumers and producers.

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Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust
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