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BALT Continues Preservation Mission

Brentwood Press, October 15, 2014
Heather Brewer highlights BALT's mission, reflecting on accomplishments and future goals in light of the organizations 12th Anniversary. 

Preserving Farms on the Urban Edge: Case Study Brentwood, California

Civil Eats, September 30, 2014
Kristina C. Johnson of Civil Eats profiles First Generation Farmers in Brentwood and BALT's work to protect  urban edge farmland.

Farmland Conservation: The Important Lesson of Brentwood, California

Civil Eats, August 10, 2009
Naomi Starkman of Civil Eats describes the important lessons about urban-edge farmland conservation that can be learned from the experiences of the Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust

Keep Our Farmland for Farming

Contra Costa Times, August 9, 2009
East Contra Costa County still has 12,000 acres of prime irrigated farmland. The Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust is working to preserve our farms with conservation easements

County Works to Buy Fresh Buy Local

Contra Costa Times, June 20, 2009
A dynamic partnership between Contra Costa County, local nonprofits and the private sector is creating new opportunities for local farmers to access new markets and connect with their urban neighbors

Produce Pipeline Benefits Inner City

Contra Costa Times, May 29, 2009
Brentwood produce is being delivered directly to Richmond families through an innovative community supported agricultural partnership between BALT, Richmond Children’s Foundation and Eco Village Farm

U-Pick Tradition Strong in Brentwood

Contra Costa Times and Oakland Tribune, May 23, 2009
For generations, Bay Area families have been visiting Brentwood each summer to pick a cornucopia for fresh fruits and vegetables. The Brentwood u-pick tradition is still going strong

Lucky to be near Contra Costa County Farms

Contra Costa Times and Oakland Tribune, April 25, 2009
The local food movement is gaining momentum. In Contra Costa County, we are fortunate to live in a place where we can still enjoy fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables grown close to home

Vierra Parcel to Remain Farmland

Contra Costa Times, November 2, 2008
The Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust has acquired a conservation easement on the largest privately owned parcel of property in the Contra Costa County Agricultural Core

Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust 4th Annual "Fall Harvest Celebration"

Contra Costa Times, July 2008
Join the Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust and priemiere Bay Area chefs for a feast of local food and wine all produced in the fertile farmland surrounding Brentwood, CA.

Under plan, farmers would aid inner cities

Contra Costa Times, April 6, 2008
In the inner cities of western Contra Costa County, where corner liquor stores far outnumber grocery stores, it's easier to buy a beer than a fresh apple. That's according to a new PBS documentary series that explores the relationship between where people live and their health.

Food supply to get back to its roots

Brentwood Press, April 4, 2008
Here in East County, where 12,000 acres of abundant, fertile soils offer a year-round bounty of fruits and vegetables, a mere 30 or 40 miles away in west and central counties, school children are going without farm-fresh foods, and consumers continue to pay top dollar for imported Chilean strawberries and bananas.

Farmers upbeat about fruits of labor

Contra Costa Times, March 24, 2008
You don't need a calendar to know spring has arrived in eastern Contra Costa. The fertile soil on the county's eastern edge is coming alive with the fruits of the upcoming summer harvest as sunny days, mild nights and a decent amount of rain have combined to create ideal growing conditions.

Trust secures 80 acres for agriculture

Brentwood Press, February 22, 2008
The Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust (BALT) has secured 80 acres along the Hannah Nicole Vineyards in Brentwood as an agricultural conservation easement, a move intended to preserve the property for future farming use in perpetuity.

Tax board lowers fees on wineries

Contra Costa Times, November 11, 2007
A transportation taxing board has decided to decrease fees on East County wineries and olive oil producers - a move that could encourage growers to move their businesses to Contra Costa.

Celebrating the bounty of our land

Brentwood Press, September 7, 2007
Tickets are selling fast for the Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust's third annual fundraiser. This year's event, A Harvest Celebration, will be held Saturday, September 22 from 6 to 10 pm at the beautiful and historic Taylor Ranch.

Roadside farm stands unleashed

Brentwood Press, July 6, 2007
According to Knightsen farmer Ken Smith, “Probably to some degree, everybody is waiting for somebody else to go first.”  What they are waiting for that “somebody else” to do is be the first roadside farm stand operator in East Contra Costa to expand the operation under the county’s new law that took effect yesterday.

Logo helps shoppers Buy Fresh Buy Local

Brentwood Press, June 29, 2007
Amid the bustle of the Brentwood Farmers' Market Saturday morning, local farmers held a breakfast to celebrate local farming and showcase the new Buy Fresh Buy Local logo that will help Bay Area consumers identify the fresh fruits and vegetables from the Brentwood region when they purchase food.

Harvest of Survival

East Bay Express, June 20, 2007
Pick-it-yourself fruit is a fun way to get in touch with the land, and, for small Brentwood farms, a necessary tactic to stay afloat.

Larger stands spell relief for farmers

Contra Costa Times, June 8, 2007
East Contra Costa farmers soon will be able to operate larger roadside stands as well as farm markets, giving them more opportunities to sell their fruits and vegetables.

U-Pick season getting off to an early start

Contra Costa Times, May 13, 2007
You might have to traverse minor detours around the Highway 4 bypass construction to get to some of the U-Pick farms in East County. But local farmers say it will be worth the trek.

Land trust vows to continue

Brentwood Press, May 11, 2007
Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust (BALT), is neither broken nor bowed in the wake of the City Council's decision not to fund it after June 30, according to its chief administrator.

Contra Costa farmers lose foothold

Contra Costa Times, April 29, 2007
Meredith Nunn is ready to fence up her 19-acre fruit orchard and quit farming in East Contra Costa County. Because her property is within the county's protected agricultural core, Nunn is not allowed to operate a bed-and-breakfast on her farm. She can't build a small restaurant or host events there, either.

Generation gap a tough row to hoe for families

Contra Costa Times, April 29, 2007
Maybe in 15 years, Michael Stonebarger will come back to help run his family farm in Brentwood.

Land trust vows to continue mission

Contra Costa Times, April 19, 2007
Members of East County's agricultural conservation organization said Wednesday they plan to continue preserving farmland and promoting local produce, with or without Brentwood's financial support.

City halts BALT bucks

Brentwood Press, April 13, 2007
Citing the need to preserve the city's limited agricultural enterprise funds for land preservation, the City Council Tuesday voted to end administrative funding for the Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust as of June 30.

Brentwood yanks funds from conservation group

Contra Costa Times, April 12, 2007
The future of East County's agricultural land conservation group is in doubt after Brentwood city leaders decided to strip city funds from the organization.

Land sale keeps history alive

Brentwood Press, March 23, 2007
Merry Nail finally said her goodbyes to the home and land she's grown to cherish all her life, as she boxed up her belongings to move in temporarily with friends nearby.

Farmers in the Brentwood region of Contra Costa County are poised to take advantage of consumer demand for local food, new report finds

Daily Business News, March 7, 2007
Growing consumer demand for fresh, local food offers Contra Costa farmers with profitable new markets, according to a new report produced for the Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust and the Contra Costa Wine Grape & Olive Growers Association.

Ordinance to benefit farmers

Brentwood Press, February 23, 2007
Local farmers will soon be able to sell what they grow - and even what they don't grow - with more ease and less regulatory red tape if plans for a new farming ordinance come to fruition. County officials met with area growers recently to continue the ongoing process of drafting new regulations.

New rules may help farms blossom

Contra Costa Times, February 18, 2007
Give it six more months, and Meredith Nunn says she will have to shut down her Brentwood fruit farm after more than 20 years in operation. The county's restrictions on agricultural land have crippled East County farmers such as Nunn, who says she is not making enough money to survive.

New Ag campaign boosts local produce

Brentwood Press, January 26, 2007
Creating a vibrant agricultural economy is essential to preserving our local farms and prime farmland. Established in 2002, the Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust (BALT) ensures the protection and preservation of local farmlands through several projects, foremost of which is its Buy Fresh, Buy Local campaign.

Plan for habitat conservation backed by city

Brentwood Press, January 26, 2007
The City Council jumped enthusiastically on the conservation bandwagon this week, joining a diverse coalition of supporters backing the East Contra Costa Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP). In the works for nearly a decade, the HCP streamlines the development process and provides for more orderly conservation of wildlife habitat.

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